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Focus groups? Internet Survey? Telephone? Getting the answers starts with using the right research method. Talley Research Group understands how to take the best of new and traditional research techniques to get to real insights and real answers based on time and cost effective data collecting.

Qualitative Techniques

Getting inside consumers' heads and hearts is both art and science. Our qualitative team includes behavioral experts who get people to reveal the thoughts, predispositions and beliefs that influence their purchase behavior.

From full focus group discussions through individual, in-depth interviews, ethnographies and other anthropological assessments, we'll help you select the research methods to get you closer to the answer. We offer:
  • Mini-groups
  • Dyads
  • Triads
  • In-depth interviews
  • Executive interviews
  • Ethnographies
  • Anthropological assessments

Quantitative Approaches

We believe that quantitative data plays a large role in validating business decisions. Even with compressed timeframes and restricted budgets, we're able to meet your needs by using the latest research technologies. We're adept at not only designing and collecting data, but managing the entire process and providing the strategic analysis that makes a difference.

We have a broad base of experience meeting many research needs:
  • Advertising development and awareness testing
  • Brand identity, positioning and equity studies
  • Customer/Market profiles and segmentation
  • Customer/Employee satisfaction audits
  • New product and packaging design testing
  • Price elasticity research
  • Product and taste testing
  • Tracking programs
  • Usage and attitude
  • Website design and usability testing

Special Services

Changing markets. Fickle consumers. Hard-to-get at targets. Talley Research Group knows how to reach them with unique services.

Brand Research

The power of your brand lies in its ability to influence purchase behavior. A powerful brand can drive profits and stock prices. So, it's important to know where you stand with consumers, what your brand means and where it can go.

We have developed tools to identify a brand's equities, deficiencies, permissions and constraints. Our proven techniques explore both the tangible and intangible that make up your brand's meaning in the marketplace.

Your brand is not only reflected in your customers' opinions, but also those of your employees. We encourage employees to participate in the brand research process so they may embrace the resulting solution. With insights from these critical brand emissaries, your employees, you can fully understand the challenges and opportunities in building a strong brand.

Customer Relationship Management

A brand's persona is always changing. So it's important not just to understand your brand perceptions, but also to manage your brand's customer touch points. It's the ongoing management of customer relationships that insure a lasting brand. We offer custom techniques that provide ongoing assessment of customer relationships for a total CRM solution.

Research with Children

Are children part of your audience? As the buying power of children and teens increase, the ability to speak with them is essential. "Listening" to kids using observational methods affords rare insights for children's based products and services. Our behavioral experts can easily engage kids for maximum spontaneity and creativity using a variety of research techniques.

What Can You Do with Children? You can do the same types of research with kids that you are accustomed to doing with adults and more:
  • Focus groups
  • Individual depth discussions
  • Play pairs
  • Ethnographies
  • Observational research
  • Customary projective elicitation
  • Indirect questioning/conversations
  • Interactive techniques (Interactive play, use of visual props/puppets)
  • Ideation sessions
  • Role playing

International Brand/Product Studies

Global markets mean keeping in touch with customers with varying cultures and languages. We know how to put all the pieces together for comprehensive international research studies. We've conducted studies in over 25 major international markets on six continents. With our experience managing global research partners, you can be assured of reliable, parallel data from all corners of the world.


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