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The speed of business today is often just too fast to think things through. Go, no go. Ready, fire, aim. Making business decisions on the fly is a fact of life. So how do you keep pace and still keep your focus?

We don't have all the answers, but we do have a business decision making tool you should know about when time is tight, but you can't afford to make a mistake. It's called TRGView. This unique survey tool gets answers to your issues from those who really can make or break your business - your customers. Virtually overnight. Sleep knowing even your quickest decisions reflect the desires of your customers.

How TRGView Works:
  • Call us and we'll help focus your research issue into actionable questions. Your questions then become a part of a weekly telephone survey of 1000 American consumers aged 18+, weighted to represent the national population.
  • You'll receive your tabulated responses within 24 hours. Our research team will then analyze the data and provide an executive summary outlining necessary actions the following day.
When to use TRGView:

TRGView is ideal for many business decision-making situations. Consider TRGView to:
  • Look at a new market, new product or new customer segment.
  • Test positioning tenets for a PR or marketing campaign.
  • Measure brand awareness, especially pre or post media buys.
  • Monitor attitude changes during or after significant current events
  • Profile specific market segments
How much does TRGView Cost:

TRGView is offered on a question-by-question basis for as a little as $1000 per question. Buy as little or as much information as you need each week.

How much time does TRGView take:

TRGView has two delivery options:
  • Overnight service - We can query 150 people overnight and have your answers available the next business day.
  • Weekend service - Submit your questions by Thursday, and you'll receive preliminary answers the next Monday morning.
How to get started:

Let's talk. Call 415-389-9945. Ask for Rick or Donna and give us your issue. We'll help you shape it into focused questions and actionable answers.


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